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Rebecca Emory

Art Teacher Extraordinaire

Ms. Emory is as brilliant as she is sweet. A deeply-caring person, Ms. Emory has help many positions throughout her illustrious career. However, for the last 27 years, her main role has been that of a teacher. After joining Radcliffe Creek in 2021, Ms. Emory breathed new life into the school's art department. Without missing a beat, she jumped into the pool of independent education with both feet -- and made a heck of a splash while she did so.

At Radcliffe Creek School, art is a pivotal component in our students' education. Many of our students thrive when given the chance to flex their creativity, stretch their imagination, and exercise these two assets in an independent manner.

Ms. Emory understands the importance of art to our students in relation to their well-being and cognitive development. Moreover, she recognizes the unprecedented, deep-rooted talent that so many of our Radcliffe artists possess. In her first year, Ms. Emory consistently pushed the envelope with her students -- electing to take on projects mirroring those of Van Gogh, Picasso, and more. Her ambition and confidence in her students paid off in magnificent and beautiful ways, with multiple students being awarded spots in local art shows.

A renaissance woman in her own right, Ms. Emory has also studied Biology/Phlebotomy and Theology. When she isn't busy as Radcliffe Creek's artist in residence, Ms. Emory adores spending time with her three daughters and their family of pets (consisting of two dogs and three cats). Together, the four queens love playing with paints, kayaking, and studying their ancestry/heritage.

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